That’s you! We often find it useful to ask the experts in your business a few questions about the problem or challenge you are facing, the features you are looking for and some deeper questions such as:

•  What will make this project a success?
•  What is the unique opportunity?
•  What is the project’s biggest risk?

The purpose is to understand your business goals, how things currently work, how things should work and how to approach or design solutions for the problem(s).


It starts with an entrepreneur or business having an idea for a mobile app. Whether you are looking to sell products, create a productivity solution or develop a game, we begin by understanding your long-term goal and exactly what your objectives are. By mapping out this goal and any questions, we can then visualise any challenges or risks associated with the project.

We may even sketch out user journeys with you or get you to roughly sketch out some features of your idea. Why do we do this? We understand that it isn’t always simple explaining your vision or concept verbally, so going back to basics is always a great place to begin.


Using a series of exercises and activities, we aim to understand your target audience by actually interacting with them. This data helps our team better understand WHY certain features need to be implemented and HOW users expect them to function.

Through sketches, wireframes or even prototypes, we can design and test various solutions and validate them with actual users. If you’ve done your own research, great!


Using design best practice and mobile design principles, we are able to create visual elements; which satisfy iOS and Android platforms.

If you’re interested in speaking to us about Material Design for Android, we love you already!


Our entire team (basically whoever works on the project) will run internal tests to iron out bugs and issues. Where possible, prototypes will also be presented to actual users where test data will be recorded and considered.


This is where our Search and Strategy team gets involved. We will help you reach your audience using various strategies and marketplace features.