Cancer Council Australia commissioned the NSW Health Department to provide an in-depth UX Strategy including design recommendations which would drive the User Experience and deliver an informed and educated user journey. The goal was to provide Cancer Council with the tools and resources to carry out a complete website redesign project.


A series of focus groups and surveys were conducted both internally with existing Cancer Council stakeholders and also externally with third party affiliates, partners and the everyday user. The goal was to gain insight into the needs of each specific category of user and understand the business needs of each group.

This exercise was the first step in determining the content structure and hierarchy as well as allowing the UX team to develop a robust IA framework which would deliver the best possible user experience allowing users to find content easily and efficiently.


Using the data collected from the user groups, GMG were able to move onto developing a series of wireframes and prototypes which outlined the user journey and internal navigation structure. These wireframes and prototypes provided a visual example of the user journey and sitemap.
The abovementioned were presented to the client via a series of storyboards. User avatars were also created based on 3 types of users and their journey was studied and discussed within this presentation. The client was able to understand how each individual user had specific needs and how the website would cater for each individual.

The learnings we experienced included understanding the significance of delivering sensitive content to the user and considering the nature of the content, it needed to be published in a manner which would make the user feel comfortable to access and read online.


As outlined in the initial stages, we were able to deliver a design consisting of user friendly elements, navigation and content structure based on the initial data we had gathered and our own understanding, data and experience.

Post launch, we conducted a series of surveys and revisited the focus groups to gain an understanding of improvements and user feedback. Based on the feedback received, we would then be able to gauge the level of improvement and also understand what was lacking or what could be improved further.


User engagement had increased based on the new data we had received and the analytics data also suggested users were engaging with the website on a more frequent basis and were using the website as an authority in gaining valuable Cancer related information and resources.