Retail chain Laura Ashley had been doing SEO with our company for several months when we realised an opportunity for improvement. Despite a significant increase in traffic driven by GMG’s work, their site was still suffering a low conversion rate.

Upon closer investigation and a website audit, GMG concluded that the issue was directly related to the site design and resulting inhibition of user experience.

After several discussions with the client, they conceded to what the data argued and tasked GMG with helping them assess and resolve this issue.


Before we could optimise this site for conversion, we had to set realistic expectations for a successful conversion rate. Based on preliminary data and ongoing market monitoring, GMG was able to benchmark the Laura Ashley online store against the three industry leaders of the moment.

Once GMG had analysed what made those competitors successful in their space, we were able to distinguish elements of their online design that facilitated strong conversion. GMG then worked with the client to align such design elements with the modern Laura Ashley brand, which had been developed by the client’s offline perceptions and consumer research.


Laura Ashley already had a contracted developer to employ for the technical build of the site. As such, GMG was primarily responsible for providing preliminary research, generating a conversion rate optimisation strategy, and remaining a point of contact and support for the client during implementation of said strategy.

Throughout the process, GMG was able to help the client gain a better understanding of a number of things: their online industry, the online consumer market, conversion optimisation and digital brand identity.

However, we are pleased to say that this was also a learning experience for GMG, as we were able to see firsthand how beneficial it would be to grown our development department. By expanding our company services in this area, we would be able to offer our clients a more truly holistic digital approach.


There are a number of metrics that prove the success of this particular GMG strategy. For example, the Laura Ashley online store went from one of the company’s poorest performing assets to its second most successful one.

However, as with all our projects, we measured the success of this particular one on the satisfaction of our client.