The time to optimise your website for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is now. Optimising your web pages for Google’s AMP will increase website load speeds and conversions, and give businesses that competitive edge.

Google recently announced the release of its Accelerated Mobile Pages which is set to change the online search landscape forever. Google’s AMP search results favour pages that follow the design that it has determined to be best practice user experience design for mobile. The GMG Digital team suspects that Google’s motivation to release AMP was driven its desire to compete with Facebooks’ Instant Articles.

Google’s AMP will have a significant impact on how agencies plan and produce content and design future web builds.

Currently, Google’s AMP is catering primarily to news websites, serving instant user- friendly content to users on mobile. However, websites from any industry have the potential to be optimised for Google’s AMP, including service based sites and ecommerce sites.

Websites that adopt Google’s AMP have a higher chance of converting more mobile traffic, because of faster page load times and delivering an optimised user experience that enables users to quickly find the content they desire.

Below is an example of how AMP search results appear on Google’s Search Results Page.