Learn for Web Design Melbourne

As the Internet has grown and become an integral part of the daily lives of most people, for work and play, the jobs of web creators have become more difficult and complicated, including many related but different skills. Although many individuals who wish to have a web site to promote themselves, their ideas or just to impress friends and employers simply put up blogs, companies need to invest in full websites. Even if they build it on a WordPress platform, they need to hire a developer and designer to make it look uniquely theirs.

First, they must determine exactly what they need and want their website to do. If they simply wish to show the company flag online by putting up some pretty stock pictures and basic company info, basically making it on an online brochure, simple web design Melbourne will require a lot less than a site that’s actually functional. At the very least, every company should collecte email addresses. This is a simply way to collect leads and to market their goods and services using email. Many companies want to sell goods online, and they require shopping cart software and connection with a database to store customer information, connection with the payment services and connection to the department that ships the items to the customers.

The company may also want a lot of added features as well for web design Melbourne. Security is a must, especially if they have any sections reserved for paying customers. Some businesses run membership sites with content that is reserved only for those people who have paid to access it. This requires more database and security to work. So does integrating content with social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

These days, web design Melbourne must also include responsive design so the site can easily be seen on smartphones and tablets. They are some simple techniques that can transform a traditional web site into one a phone can view, but for best results the site must be designed for mobile access from the beginning.

The designer first of all must be a designer. That is, they focus on the visual elements of what makes a web site look attractive. And the design should be more than attractive, it should attract the company’s target market. What’s appropriate for a site selling clothes for women would not work for selling games to teenaged boys.

Designers aren’t really programmers, but they must know HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Those technologies are how they control the appearance of the site. HTML and CSS are continually changing as they evolve the ability to do more things, so web design Melbourne web artists must keep up. Of course, the actual images are important, so they must know how to use Adobe Photoshop at the very least.

And though they are not programmers, they often need to include Javascript in their sites. That’s a scripting language that controls the behavior of elements on the web page, and can help to advance web design Melbourne.